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White Magic Spell or Love Spell

White Magic Spell or Love Spell

30 November 2015   |   289467   |   0

Nadya Hristova about the White Magic Spell for Love or Love Spells:

I think there are no white or bright magic spells, there are no good magic spells at all. All they are harmful. All they are black… as so are the black magic spells… For so many years of practice as  expert in breaking the magic spells as well as all kinds of negative energy influence  I haven`t seen any good or white magic spell yet but I have neutralized thousand ones.

We often hear promises about “magic spell for love” or “white magic spell”. What in fact is offered to us by these masters of the magic spell?

A great number of my clients have suffered from the so called “love magic spells”. They have shared to me that under the negative impact of such kind of influence they had lost their good luck in their private lives followed by frequent partings, inability to have a serious relationship and lack of chance to meet a partner.  

One part of these people in the past has become an object of white magic spell ordered by their former partner blinded by love and desire to hold them forever. Another part of these people has become victims of the love of their relatives. Very often mothers (or mothers-in-law) because of their curiosity and care visit fortune-tellers or khojas believing these people are able to provide better future for their children. So those people make this for them, they make white magic spells assuring mothers that it will guarantee to their children good luck and success in love. But parents do not realize that these actions change the will of fate so they harm the fortune of their children. Parents find an excuse for their actions saying that it is only for good or that they have done nothing bad but they even don`t know that they have ordered a kind of magic ritual.

Another motive of mothers (or mothers-in-law) is that they don`t like the partner of their children so they start visiting fortune-tellers thinking that they will help their children. But have you ever thought of whether it is really good to change the fate given to us by the God. What is the best for us is coded in our lives. So the best thing for everyone is to live through what is destined by the God and to meet the partner destined by the God.

The white magic spell for love binds two persons for many years and changes their destinies. Even if they part they couldn`t meet their destined partners because their fates have already been harmed in the past and they feel a large emptiness in their private lives.

You can`t make the magic spell alone as well as you can`t break it alone. For making a magic spell for love you need an expert and some easily manageable conditions.     

Which items are needed for making a white magic spell?

• a photo
• personal possessions – underwear, shoes, socks, hairbrush, sunglasses…
• hair, nails
• personal name and mother`s name (for the Arabian magic spell)


Which materials are used in the white magic spell?

• water from a spring or river as it is in the instructions
• blood – in the Turkish magic is used menstrual blood, in the African magic is used blood from a sacrifice ritual
• corpses or parts of animals – bats, cat`s fat
• herbs – geum urbanum, elecampane, calendula…
• jewels –  a ring, a necklace
• dolls (in the Voodoo magic), padlock, keys…
There are many other materials used for making the so called “white magic spells for love” but I won`t mention them in order to avoid inflaming the imagination of amateur magicians longing for "love magic spell".


Who are the usual people searching for white magic spells or love magic spells?

• family members and relatives concerned about your future but not informed about the harms from the “white magic love spells”
• temporary love partners who think that’s the way to make you love them
• husbands and wives who want to keep their marriages
• lovers and mistresses who want to break the marriage of their sweethearts
• colleagues and friends who want to have more private relations with someone.


How do you feel under the impact of magic spell for love?

• you feel strong desire and striving to be only with the other spellbound person
• you have intrusive thoughts related to the other spellbound person
• you feel happy only in the presence of the other spellbound person
• you become irritable and have conflicts with the people you love except with the other spellbound person
If the magic spell for love is made to be taken through the food and if you have been under the power of such magic spell for a long time you may have visible weakening or unnatural bloating and the apples of your eyes may become larger which is due to the psychotropic substances mixed for making the love magic spell.


What causes the magic spell to its victims?

If you become a victim of magic spell for love, your will is obeyed to the will of the other spellbound person. You are deprived of your free personal choice so you become dependent on will and whims of the other spellbound person. Even if two affected by the magic spell persons part due to the expired magic spell or any other reason, the effect is similar as the effect of magic spell for celibacy. The victims feel emptiness in their private lives. They can`t meet a suitable partner and it can last for many years till the magic spell is eliminated by an expert in breaking an influence of such kind.  


How to break the magic spell for love?

As I have already mentioned you can`t overcome the magic spell alone so you need to search for an expert in breaking the magic spell. Breaking the magic spell doesn`t require the participation of affected person. It is especially difficult if the victim is fed up with the magic spell item put in foods and drinks. In this case must be interrupted the feeding till a successful protection is achieved. Usually it is the most difficult part for implementation but in the process of work problems are solved individually as it is appropriate.


How long does it take to break the magic spell?

Breaking the magic spell for love or any other kind of negative magical influence as curse, hex, etc., is a complex of energetic-information practices and rituals for elimination of negative impact and it takes 3 days. In the process is included also the creation of free personal protection. One week after the elimination of negative impact a control check-consultation for the energy state of spellbound person must be done which is also free of charge.


Which items do you need for breaking the magic spell?

For breaking the magic spell you need a photo and the first name of the spellbound person. The process itself can be implemented from a distance. Its price depends on the kind of magical influence and the type of practice necessary for breaking the magic spell. For further questions and more information e-mail to topexperta@gmail.com. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Is it necessary to inform the victim for the breaking of magic spell?

It is not compulsory to inform the victim about the breaking of magic spell. Due to the specific impact of such kind of influence the victims usually are obsessed by a false sense of happiness with the other spellbound person and resist to the breaking of magic spell. The affected person is ready to know about the real situation after the magic spell is broken so my advice is to be found the most appropriate time and suitable way of informing the victim about the negative impact after the magic spell influence is eliminated.

What happens after the breaking of magic spell?

After the breaking of magic spell the affected persons return to their fateful ways destined by the God. They meet the right people and the events predestined by the God begin to happen. Most often my clients share to me that they feel free. This is one of the signs for a well done job

by Nadya Hristova


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